There are many ways you can help our national choirs to succeed and enable our organisation to deliver a programme of excellence for NZSSC, NZYC, VOICES New Zealand, the wider choral community and audiences worldwide.

We welcome personal donations and bequests.

CHOIRS AOTEAROA NZ also offers corporate sponsorship and private partnership options.


Partnering with a national choir means aligning with a ’boutique-feel’ organisation that delivers excellence in everything it engages in.

While every one of the national choir has a different ‘flavour’ the core attributes and values associated with then are shared:

  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Nationwide
  • World-class
  • Award-winning
  • Quintessential New Zealand
  • International exposure
  • Collaborative
  • Unique

VOICES is the premier, professional and national vocal ensemble in New Zealand with a 20 year-long history of promoting and demonstrating excellence in choral singing in New Zealand and overseas. It is regarded the pinnacle ensemble in this country, the top end of the ‘choral pathway’ in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand Youth Choir is an award-winning choir with a near 40-year long tradition. NZYC gave its first public performance on Saturday 25 August 1979 at St Peter’s Church in Wellington. Almost 20 years later the choir stood on stage in front of 5,000 people in the small Welsh town of Llangollen to receive the award for ‘Choir of the World’. There is an impressive alumni of nearly 1,000 singers. The singers go on after their NZYC turn and create a legacy for New Zealand. Some turn into singing stars, like Jonathan Lemalu, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Anna Leese or the three Sol3Mio performers. Many go on to be music teachers sharing their skill and passion with thousands of students (from primary school level to universities), or direct and conduct dozens of community choirs from Dunedin to the Hawkes’ Bay, Wellington to Hamilton. Others translate their confidence into careers as doctors, engineers or, like Hilary Barry, media personality (interview in Sunday Star Times: Hilary talks about her time in NZYC: ..” one of the best experiences of my life”). 

The New Zealand Secondary Students Choir is the national choir for 13 to 18 year olds. It gathers the country’s finest young voices and offers them a once in a lifetime opportunity, a two-year membership to learn from top New Zealand vocal teachers and consultants.

The work the national choirs undertake is an inspiration for thousands of singers around the country.

Our organisation has enjoyed successful corporate partnerships (including naming rights) with blue chip companies in the past. With an experienced team that understands a 360degree view on partnerships and the importance of Win-Win-Win (sponsor-customer-CHOIR), a national choir is a great asset for sponsorship.

Activation opportunities with our choirs include:

  • high quality event hosting
  • private performances
  • access to corporate team building/coaching activities involving singing (teams bonding through working together as a vocal ensemble) or work with our world-renowned artistic Director Dr Karen Grylls, how to ‘shape a single body of sound with a number of individual voices’ and how this can apply to a corporate environment
  • product promotion nationwide AND internationally on tours and
  • alignment with an array of rich online content, concert broadcast and CD/DVD recordings.

Partnerships at this level are an executive matter and looked after by the Chief Executive.

I welcome any conversation how we can partner up with you and generate value for your company while creating inspiring work and heavenly music for a New Zealand and international audience.

You can contact me via email or phone and I look forward to your message.

Arne Herrmann
Chief Executive


There are many ways you can help our national choirs to succeed and enable our organisation to deliver a programme of excellence. We have come up with a few engaging options to direct donations towards people’s interest:
  • library and book lovers may like to support the purchase of a new set of sheet music
  • archivists may want to help us to properly record our concerts
  • if you are interested in legacy and a bit of adventure you can help to commission the world premiere of a new New Zealand Choral piece….
There are many different options for you to choose from, something to fit any size pocket. Donations of any level are welcome and because we are a registered charity, donations are tax deductible. With our new initiative SPONSOR A SINGER, every year you can put your or your family’s name under a singer for the year ($200) or secure this sponsor spot for all three years of the choir cycle ($600). Your support will go straight towards our singers’ travel, accommodation, tuition, sheet music and breakfast costs. This will help them to deliver the excellence and beauty of ensemble singing to New Zealanders. Here are 3 easy options to donate:
  1. ONLINE: have a look at all the donation options and donate online.
  2. INTERNET BANKING: donate straight into our bank account, through internet banking or across the counter. Please use your name and type of donation in the reference fields. Account Number: 06-0501-0042241-000 Account Name: Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust
  3. Send a cheque Freepost to Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust PO Box 25025 Wellington 6146. Please note your name and type of donation in an enclosed note.
Donations are tax deductible (over $5). The national choirs are managed by Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand Trust, a registered charity CC21921.